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Justice Renaissance

Justice RenaissanceJustice Renaissance

Words of Justice

My journey as an artist...

began in 1977 when I was enlightened by my uncle Nolan Chambers, on a unique wood carving technique that he learned from his older brother Donald, who learned it in prison. My first efforts were exact duplicates of Donald and Nolan’s work.  After a few pieces, I altered their designs to add my own touch.  In time, my own voice and vision emerged. 

I started out using scrap lumber, but an early turning point was my first visit to Southern Lumber Company in San Jose, CA.  On that day I was spellbound. I spent hours sifting through exotic woods from all over the world that I never knew existed. The touch, textures, colors, grain patterns, and even smells had me spellbound. I think I touched every piece of wood in the place, from ash to zebrawood.  Some of that wood touched me. It was mind boggling to consider that the piece of ebony I held might have come from a tree that witnessed the birth of slavery. The slice of oak may have come from a tree that provided shade for the Underground Railroad. Maybe some mother's son was hung from the Tennessee Pine.  Those trees had stories to tell and I was determined to translate! 

I chanced upon a once proud Tree

 All sliced and slaughtered on the shelf 

At Southern Lumber Company

 I heard its voice and found myself 

Could I fulfill its destiny  

To make its truth outlive its seeds    

And did I dare accept its plea 

To chronicle the history

Of sacred songs of birds of peace  

That nested deep within its reach 

Of sons and slaves whose eyes reflect

The memories of noose on neck  

Of troubled waters left to wade  

From hell to hope to brighter days  

Once proud tree

Called out to me  

To make it stand strong and bold again! 

Now I speak Woodwordz!