I chanced upon a once proud tree – all sliced and slaughtered on the shelf

At Southern Lumber Company – I heard its voice…and found myself

Could I fulfill its destiny – to make its truth outlive its seeds   

And did I dare deny its plea – to chronicle the history

Of sacred songs of birds of peace – that nested deep within its reach

Of sons and slaves whose eyes reflect – the memory of noose on neck

Of troubled waters left to wade  – from hell to hope to brighter days

Once proud tree reached out to me – to help it stand strong and bold again

Now I speak Woodwordz! 


Some of my early work was done in mahagony wood, but most pieces are created from pine. I love and prefer pine wood because it is softer, kinder to my tools and has amazing grain patterns that add to the designs. The variation of colors you see in different pieces is achieved by using traditional wood stains, paint, and a few custom mixtures that I have developed over the years.


Production time varies from about 20 hours to 80 based on technique, design complexity, and size. Ideas and inspiration have always come from life, love, music, humanity, and world events but in rare times the process appears to guided by bloodlines and ancestral forces.